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Social Security modeling for a widower

How do I model a scenario for a widower who remarried? Under benefit type there is 1. regular, 2. Ex-spouse benefits and 3. Widow/widower & dependent children benefits. There is no survivor as a benefit type. When I choose 3 it changes the Plan type to single.
My clients are married, husband age 65 and wife 62 and have a child age 14. The ssanalyzer program illustrates that the older of the couple upon filing for retirement benefits at age 66 and suspending triggers a benefit for the minor child based on the parent’s earnings record. Plus it illustrates another benefit; a “Child in Care” benefit for the spouse. I can’t make your program produce a benefit for the child at all.
I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Wealth Planner

Tried the new milestone functionality. I like it. In one case it did not allow me to enter the end date. But I soon realized that it was due to a typo. Good stuff.