Monthly Archives: July 2016

Wealth Planner

Just signed up for the free trial of your Wealth Planner software. Overall good impression; good to see that you guys don’t ask for the credit card info upfront. Quick question, I would like to spend some more time exploring the free trial but I’m taking a few weeks off. Is there a time limit on trial period?

Maximum Social Security Benefit Comparison with the ones at full retirement age

Hi. When I look at the chart comparing maximized benefits with those at full retirement income, the total benefits for spouse appear to be higher than what she will collect on her own record? If I look at her benefits schedule for full retirement age, her total lifetime┬ábenefits add up to about $781,000. ┬áBut in the comparison with maximized scenario, I see the amount to be about $856,000. Can someone tell me why it’s about $75,000 more?