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Bank Investment Consultant magazine – review of GoWealthPro Wealth Planner

I really like some aspects of GoWealthPro’s offering. It is one of only a very few firms that seems to be making a serious effort to incorporate health-related data into the financial planning process, and the Retirement Health Care Planner seems highly useful. In addition, most GoWealthPro modules can be completed in minutes, so they can be used cost-effectively…

By Joel Bruckenstein
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Financial Planning magazine’s review of GoWealthPro technology

Advisors who set out to work with a client have access to an extensive suite of tools: Savings Plan, Retirement Savings Plan, Insurance, Risk Capacity Index, Asset Allocation, Sustainable Retirement Income Planner, Retiree Health Care Planner, Executive Compensation Planning, Lifetime Cash Flow Projections, Estate Planning and Reports. Many of these tools are worth a deeper look…

By Joel Bruckenstein
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