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Better Client Reports & Improved User Experience in New Social Security Maximizer™

Dear Social Security Maximizer™ users,

We’re extremely pleased to announce the redesigned version of the Social Security Maximizer™. Beside a highly improved user experience, you will also notice a rich set of client reports. Here are some of the highlights of the new version of this software.

The software has been redesigned for optimal use via any device. In particular, when you use a smart phone, you will not have to scroll horizontally.

The overall interface for data input and reports has a highly improved format.

You can now login into the software using any one of three popular social networks. That means you don’t need to maintain one more password for this software.

In case of maximization for client reports, the report now compares the benefits of recommended  strategy versus no strategy. This will help you in clearly communicating the value of Social Security planning.

Client reports now have much better quality of graphs and other contents.

And yes, it has new Social Security rules that went into effect on 11/2/2015.

As always, please share your feedback with us either via online chat or email support at gowealthpro dot com.

GoWealthPro Team

Medicare premium to rise by 52% for about 3 million higher earners

In 2016, higher earners  (>$85k single/ $170k couples) could see a significant increase to their Medicare Part B (doctor visits) premium. Additionally, Social Security’s ‘Hold Harmless’ provision tying the Medicare premium increase to cost of living adjustment (COLA) applies to only those Medicare subscribers who are already taking Social Security benefits. It does not apply to those who have deferred  their Social Security benefits (file/suspended).

Read more on this issue in this article from Anne Tergesen

Social Security Checkup™ Upgraded

The Social Security Checkup™ product has been upgraded to provide dynamic summary of Social Security related issues and approaches. This summary is based on the specific situation of the user.  Checkout the new functionality at

The Social Security Checkup™ product is a branded tool that’s used for effectively engaging prospective clients on Social Security.

Retirement Assets Total $24.7 Trillion in Fourth Quarter 2014

According to Investment Company Institute, Total U.S. retirement assets were $24.7 trillion as of December 31, 2014, up 1.7 percent from $24.2 trillion on September 30, 2014, and up 6.0 percent from year-end 2013. Retirement assets accounted for 36 percent of all household financial assets in the United States at the end of the fourth quarter of 2014. Out of the total $24.7 Trillion, about $14 Trillion is in Defined Contribution (401k, 403b, ….) and IRA assets.

Is this a big number? Heck, yes.

How about when you divide it by a couple of hundred million?

Financial Times / Merrill, Raymond James Turn to Health-Planning Apps

On March 12, 2015, Financial Advisor IQ, a service of Financial Times published an article on the importance of retiree healthcare expense planning. In this article, author Murray Coleman also interviewed an advisor who uses GoWealthPro’s Retiree Healthcare Planner™. Read the article at

GoWealthPro Makes Its Retiree Healthcare Planner™ Free to Financial Advisers

Financial advisers can easily estimate their clients’ overall healthcare expenses for Free and offer effective retirement income solutions.

Financial planning technology leader GoWealthPro is making its recently upgraded Retiree Healthcare Planner™ software FREE for all financial advisers. Financial advisers use this software to estimate clients’ lifetime healthcare expenses based on location and high-level input on lifestyle, health history, and preferences on type of healthcare. This will help advisers tackle the single largest retirement expense item for most clients…
Read the full press release at

Stop guesstimating, or worse, ignoring, your clients’ health care costs in retirement

In this article, Mary Beth Franklin of InvestmentNews underscores the importance of planning for health care expenses for clients and how a tool e.g. GoWealthPro’s Retiree Healthcare Planner™ can help advisers produce valuable retirement income plans. Read the story  below.