Monthly Archives: March 2013

GoWealthPro Announces The Interface For Account Balances & Positions

Wealth PlannerTM now allows financial advisors to upload or enter a client’s account balances and position for improved and efficient financial planning.

Financial advisors create financial plans depending upon a client’s financial needs and the complexity of finances. For clients who are looking for a plan to cover a specific financial goal such as retirement income, or for clients whose needs aren’t very complex, advisors can use portfolio level information to efficiently develop goals based plans. However, for clients that require advanced cash flow based financial plans, advisors need to be able to incorporate different types of investment accounts and underlying positions. GoWealthPro has developed an open API (Application Programming Interface) that allows financial advisors to either upload, or import, or simply enter account positions and cost basis information for different investment accounts. Click here to download the full release.

REP Magazine article: Drive-Through Advice

In this article from April 2013 edition of Wealth Management magazine, journalist Lauren Barack talks about the importance of engaging clients in the financial planning process; give them something to play with. Perhaps she didn’t clearly differentiate that the Personal Financial Index® from GoWealthPro is for client education whereas the Wealth PlannerTM is for financial advisors to develop advanced cash-flow based financial plans for their clients. Here’s a link to this article.

GoWealthPro Supports The Foundation For Financial Planning

GoWealthPro built and donated a version of Personal Financial Index® to help the Foundation for Financial Planning with their pro bono planning initiative.

The Foundation for Financial Planning has announced that GoWealthPro has provided its support to the Foundation for Financial Planning with the contribution of its Personal Financial Index® (PFI) technology for use in pro bono outreach activities benefiting underserved populations. The support will assist the Foundation in reaching out and sharing its mission and message to more financial planning and services professionals throughout the nation. Access to GoWealthPro’s PFI is assisting the Foundation in their ongoing support of a wide range of projects across the U.S. that offer free financial advice through non-profit groups serving those not traditionally served by the marketplace, including low- income families, military personnel and victims of disasters. Click here to download the full release.