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Advisor Perspectives: What Advisors Need to Know about Retiree Health-care Planning?

Many people assume that once they retire, they need not worry about healthcare. They think Medicare is free and will take care of all their health-care needs. That’s not true. Those who have cared for an ailing parent or a grandparent know the financial and lifestyle implications healthcare has for themselves and their loved ones…

By Dinesh Sharma, CFP®, CEO of GoWealthPro Corp.
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Investment News article on Client Information Center (CIC)

There’s a new client portal provider in town. GoWealthPro has rolled out what it is calling the Client Information Center. The CIC is meant to assist in an adviser’s collaboration with clients during financial planning meetings and through use of hosted document sharing. There also is a set of alert capabilities and integration with several CRM packages popular with advisers.

By Davis D. Janowski
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GoWealthPro Announces The Client Information Center

An advisor branded client portal that offers clients an intuitive and secured access to maintain financial information, important documents, and allows advisors to streamline the financial planning process.

Financial advisors are increasingly experiencing margin pressures. At the same time, more and more clients are looking for instant access to their information. Being environmentally conscious (“green”) is also important to many Gen X, Gen Y, and late boomers. The Client Information Center (CIC) was designed to provide financial planning efficiency and collaborative document sharing. It also provides a powerful alert capability and integration with leading CRM packages. Priced at only $39 per advisor per month, this easy to use software can be accessed anywhere, anytime, via any computing device including tablets and smartphones. Click here to download the full release.

T3 Newsletter: Planning for Healthcare Expenses During Retirement — An Advisor’s Problem?

The debate on the budget deficit has been pretty intense for the past couple of years. The main issue surrounding this debate has been healthcare, and rightfully so. According to the White House Budget Office, for the fiscal year 2012, the federal government collected about $2.5 trillion in revenue and spent over $900 billion on healthcare, which is more than a third of all tax receipts. The Medicare program (a health insurance program for people 65 or older, people under 65 with certain disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease) alone cost $545 billion, while Medicaid (a joint federal and state government healthcare program for people with limited means) cost about $250 billion. Despite this massive healthcare spending by the government, seniors continue to incur hundreds of thousand of dollars in out of pocket healthcare expenses during retirement. With the rising cost of healthcare and people living longer, the healthcare issue is not likely to disappear for the foreseeable future.

By Dinesh Sharma, CFP®, CEO of GoWealthPro Corp.
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