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Social Security modeling for a widower

How do I model a scenario for a widower who remarried? Under benefit type there is 1. regular, 2. Ex-spouse benefits and 3. Widow/widower & dependent children benefits. There is no survivor as a benefit type. When I choose 3 it changes the Plan type to single.
My clients are married, husband age 65 and wife 62 and have a child age 14. The ssanalyzer program illustrates that the older of the couple upon filing for retirement benefits at age 66 and suspending triggers a benefit for the minor child based on the parent’s earnings record. Plus it illustrates another benefit; a “Child in Care” benefit for the spouse. I can’t make your program produce a benefit for the child at all.
I would appreciate any help you can give me.

LPL Compliance Approves Social Security Maximizer™ Output

Good news for LPL advisors. LPL Compliance team has reviewed and approved the use of Social Security Maximizer™ output for customers. The LPL compliance tracking number is 1-274865.

The output has been given an ‘Approved As Is’ status by Marketing Regulatory Review. For advisors who want to use and/or customize preapproved materials, they must first be directed to Chapter 15 (Communications with the Public), Section 26.3 (Pre-Approved Communications), of the Advisor Compliance Manual posted on Branch Net. There, they will find instructions on how to use preapproved materials and how to meet their Books and Records requirements.