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Social Security Maximizer – use of client’s maximum benefits at FRA

I ran a plan for a couple which recommends the lower earner (male) take benefits at 70, and the higher earner (female) take benefits at 69yrs, 2mos. (He’s 10 months older than her.) I don’t have a problem with that, but when I go to Benefits By Start Age, it shows the higher earner taking spousal benefits at FRA. If it’s recommending she take spousal at FRA, then her own at 69, why doesn’t it say that in the Action Plan?

Social Security Maximizer / New client

Some things are confusing but I am trying to learn it as I go. Today I had a problem when I tried to add a new client. The input of the client email, name, and zip code info went fine but when I clicked to open the new client, there was all this info already there as if I had already tried to run a report for her. There was a date of birth already entered but it was not hers. I tried to delete her as a client and start again but when I went to add her as a client the second time it told me that there was already and account with that email address.