April 29 2016 Deadline for Social Security

I want to know what’s the deadline of 4/29/2016 is about and what do I need to do if any in your Social Security Maximizer software.

One thought on “April 29 2016 Deadline for Social Security

  1. Dear Barbara,
    4/29/2016 is the deadline for individuals to apply for file and suspend provision of the Social Security. As you may be aware, a person can still file and suspend ( and allow his eligible spouse take spousal benefits on his record while waiting his own benefits to grow) if he has attained full retirement age on or before 05/01/2016. It is important to remember that all file and suspend elections need to be made by 05/01/2016 as well. And since 05/01/2016 falls on a Sunday, the deadline is really Friday 4/29/2016. Again, no file & suspend after 4/29/2016. However, there is no such deadline for restricted application. Please read our white paper on Social Security for more info. It’s at our home page http://www.gowealthpro.com.

    With regard to the Social Security Maximizerâ„¢, we recommend that you rerun your clients’ Social Security plans.

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