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I’m trying to model the proceeds from a universal life policy at a future date to fund my retirement goal in the cash flow based planning module. Do I still need to setup an account and use it to fund the retirement? If that’s the case, how do I fund this account in future. Has anyone faced this situation? I tend to think it’s not uncommon.

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  1. I had a similar situation. I setup an account under brokerage portfolio and funded w/ just $1. For contribution, I added the insurance proceeds as one time (monthly contribution) with start and end dates one-day apart and then allocated the entire account to retirement. Hope this helps.

  2. But that causes an issue. When I look at the lifetime net income report, it shows the contribution to the account as cash-outflow in that year.

  3. The cash outflow issue can be addressed by adding a one-time miscellaneous income under “Regular Income” section. Put the proceeds as miscellaneous income and have the start and end dates apart by a day.

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