One thought on “Wealth Planner Workflow

  1. The first step in creating a financial plan is to select a client. If this is a new client in the system, then many advisors reset a client’s default financials to zeros, in order to start from scratch. You can do this by clicking “reset client defaults to zeros” link on “Manage Clients” or client selection screen.

    Once a client is selected, the most commonly used starting point is “Cash Flow” to create a detailed cash flow based plan. All the steps for data entry are laid out via Input and Reviews links (in orange color) on right. Additional information based on a client’s needs is available under other menu tabs (in the top green bar). This includes executive compensation (if a client has), insurance analysis (if you need to include it in the plan), and estate plan (if it is required for a client). You then simply click on “Reports” tab to select and print a combined client report.

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