Personal Financial Index® (PFI), is an industry leading financial health benchmark from OMYEN Corp. The PFI incorporates sound financial methodologies and practices. Akin to a person's credit score, the PFI is a proprietary diagnostic tool giving users a real-time financial health checkup. This extremely easy to use tool quickly generates a PFI score. Users see their financial health across net worth, cash management, retirement, college savings, personal protection, etc. Like using GPS coordinates to show where you are, PFI also shows users where they need to be. A periodic review of the PFI score provides the progress toward financial security.

There are many factors that affect the PFI score. Some of them that significantly affect the PFI score include life events, change in income or expenses, a major purchase or sale, changes in your savings and contributions toward different financial goals, and the age. On an average, an individual has at least four events in a year that will significantly change the PFI score. For families, there are at least six events every year that will affect the PFI score. As a result, it is important to review the PFI on a regular basis. It is also important to run the PFI to decide on the impact of a major financial transaction that a user is contemplating.

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