For most people, money is the most important thing in life. No matter what we do in our lives it involves money in one form or the other. Whether you have only limited amount or a lot of money it requires proper planning to make its best use. Money management is not just about saving, it is also about controlling expenses, paying the right amount for goods and services and also using right investment for your savings. As a result this section is going to be most comprehensive.

From savings perspective, whether you are saving for retirement or for your children’s college education you not only need to figure out how much you need to save but also how you are going to save. Once you have figured that out then you need to figure out what kind of investment portfolio you are going to use these savings. Once the portfolio is constructed, you also need to have a plan on managing this portfolio on an ongoing basis. Not paying more than a fair amount or least amount on things you need is also very important for your savings. This section deals with a number of some very simple saving strategies.

With respect to expenses, this section deals with various strategies to reduce expenses or to get more for your money. It gets into some of the very basic things we need in our day to day lives and lists some basic tips on how to get some of the best deals. As an example on the topic of credit cards, contains some very simple and actionable strategies to make most out of them. There are other a number of ideas on how to save on major purchases and how to get some of the best deals on mortgages or other loans.
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