In our day to day lives, many of us struggle with multiple financial issues. Some common examples include:

  • What kind of a student loan I should take for myself or my kids?
  • How do I reduce my monthly payment on mortgage or on a credit card?
  • How do I make sure that my loved ones have the financial security should something happen to me?
  • How do I reduce my taxes?
  • How much do I save for retirement and what retirement plan is appropriate for me?
  • How much should I withdraw during my retirement?
  • How do I leave a little legacy for my loved ones?...Show details

The list could go on and on.  Some of us can afford to have a financial adviser to help us navigate through these issues, but a vast majority of us continue to struggle with financial intricacies. The goal of is to offer you easy to manage integrated tools that cover all major aspects of your financial life and offer some simple approaches to help you benefit financially. We also offer unbiased and actionable information on all major financial planning topics in an easy-to-understand language. For those who still need to speak with a financial adviser, we also offer that service at a reasonable price.

All the concepts and approaches on Omyen platform are presented in a format that needs no financial background. It covers financial issues that are relevant to people in a broad age group of 21 and above. You can benefit from this site in two ways: as a visitor and a logged-in user (requiring you to setup a user id and password). As a visitor, you can review various financial topics organized in an intuitive way, search for financial information, calculate certain financial results, leave a question on the site to get a prompt answer, and have access to a variety of tools. In this format you do not need to setup a user ID and password.

As a logged in user, all the information you select or enter is saved so you don't need to reenter it next time.  From security perspective, you access this site using a secured encrypted connection.

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