GoWealthPro provides highly innovative and device independent technology for personal financial planning. We have a holistic approach toward financial planning that involves:
  • Engaging consumers effectively in financial and retirement education, and planning,
  • Empowering financial advisors to efficiently produce actionable plans and collaborate with clients, and
  • Helping employers to maximize the value of their employee benefits and reduce compliance risk.

Our technology is affordably priced and our support service is also available via online chat. We are not just a technology company, we also have the thought leadership to lead the financial planning innovation. We invented the Personal Financial Index® benchmark to allow consumers to measure and monitor their overall financial health score (akin to a credit score) that's based on financial discipline and is wealth level neutral. We also pioneered the technology on measuring an individual's expected healthcare cost during retirement.

If you're a wealth management firm, we help you:
  • Educate and acquire new clients effectively through our unique tools.
  • Produce actionable financial plans efficiently for clients across different age and financial demographics.
  • Save time as our technology is intuitively designed for minimal to no learning curve.
  • Improve compliance as our technology has been reviewed by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and approved by a number of broker/dealer firms, including some of the largest firms in the country.

Please take a look at our wealth management products.

If you're a retirement plan advisory firm, we help you:
  • Provide actionable financial and retirement education efficiently to plan participants of all ages.
  • Produce and deliver customized retirement plans in batches.
  • Produce retirement income replacement scorecard for plan sponsors and differentiate your services.

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